Kinegar Quarry
Wind Energy Scheme

The Wind Energy Scheme

On behalf of Kinegar Quarry, Wind Direct is proposing to develop a Wind Energy Scheme, which would provide a clean, green source of renewable energy to be used in Kinegar Quarry's operations.

For Kinegar Quarry, this green initiative will not only benefit the environment but will bring vital price stability and security of supply to a large consumer of energy with the added benefit of reducing their carbon footprint.

Following refusal of the proposed Kinegar Wind Energy Scheme in March 2011, Wind Direct have taken onboard the Council, Councillors and local communitys comments.  It is Wind Directs intension to resubmit the proposed Kinegar Wind Energy scheme in early 2012.  The revised application has the following ammendments:

  • A reduction in height from 130m high turbines to 110m high turbines. 
  • The provision of shadow flicker delimiters which will pause the wind turbine turbines when there is potential for shadow flicker to affect the amenity of nearby residents.
  • The inclusion of a community trust fund which will provide £1000 per Mega Watt of installed capacity per year to the local community.  The proposed wind development is a 5MW project, therefore providing £125,000 to the local community over the lifetime of the project.

The Kinegar Quarry Wind Energy Scheme is proposed to be installed on land owned by the quarry.  The energy produced by the turbines will provide a cheaper, more secure long term sustainable souce of electricity for Kinegar Quarrys activities.


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