Kinegar Quarry
Wind Energy Scheme

Proposed Benefits

Kinegar Quarry is a family owned business and has a strong commitment to the local community

  • provides employment for local people

  • provides regular donations for local sports teams, gala week and a community defibrillator

  • donates materials from the quarry for the church hall and village hall

  • provide information on how the local community can benefit from the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund

  • sponsored individuals and teams in the local community

At Kinegar, the Wind Energy Scheme will bring various local benefits including:

  • part of wider environmental initiatives being rolled out to the community

  • increased demand for local goods and services during the feasibility and construction phases of development

  • income to the local authority in rates

  • favourable reputation as a leader in the fight against climate change

  • educational benefits for local schools and interest group

  • Acommunity trust fund which will provide £1000 per Mega Watt of installed capacity per year to the local community.  The proposed wind development is a 5MW project, therefore providing £125,000 to the local community over the lifetime of the project.

Protecting future generations

The onsite turbine would displace energy produced by burning fossil fuels thus contributing to government targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

If carbon dioxide production continues unchecked then the predicted rises in world temperatures will pose a serious threat to biodiversity.

Businesses that choose to generate electricity from renewables are helping to protect our world for future generations.

Recycling aggregates at Glenfin quarry

Recycling aggregates at Glenfin quarry

One of the two 2.5MW wind turbines being constructed at Eye Airfield in 2013. Each 130m from ground

One of the two 2.5MW wind turbines being constructed at Eye Airfield in 2013. Each 130m from ground

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