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We feel it is very important to communicate and consult with the local community.

£1.25 million local funding in the balance : 12th Feb 2013

Kinegar Quarry Wind Turbines could provide a Community Benefit Fund of £50,000 per year to the local area or £1.25million over the project lifetime, if approved at the Local Review Committee.

The leap in value is because:

  • The trust fund value has increased fivefold to £25,000 per year due to high wind speed
  • The quarry will match the trust fund

On behalf of Kinegar Quarries Ltd, Wind Direct is proposing to develop a scheme, which would provide a direct source of clean, green renewable energy to be used in the quarry’s operations as well as contributing to the national grid.

The project was determined and an appeal lodged in December 2012. Since then Kinegar Quarries Ltd has encouraged Wind Direct to establish a substantial Community Benefit Fund of £5,000 per megawatt (MW) of installed capacity per annum to make a positive difference to the local area. To bolster this commitment, Kinegar Quarry has agreed to match this funding. Should the scheme for two turbines with a rating of 2.5MW each be consented, a Community Benefit Fund of £50,000 per year would be established resulting in £1,250,000 made available to the local community throughout the lifetime of the project.

For further information please read the press release below:

PDF documentPress Release - Community Benefit Fund

Leaflet to nearby homes : 1st Sep 2009

To raise awareness of the proposed Kinegar wind energy development and invite people to attend the public exhibition, Wind Direct has distributed letters and an information leaflet to residents of properties within 5km of the proposed development.

PDF documentKinegar Wind Energy Scheme Leaflet

Public consultation : 8th Sep 2009

Before submitting the planning application, it is important to allow you, the public, to have your say. This gives us an opportunity to respond to any questions you have about the proposal. 

The public exhibition will be held at Cockburnspath Village Hall on Tuesday the 8th September from 2.30 - 7.30.

In the meantime if you have any questions, please feel fee to email Wind Direct at or telephone 01524 230852

One of the public event organised by Wind Prospect

One of the public event organised by Wind Prospect

Glenfin Quarry operations are well screened from the surrounding area.

Glenfin Quarry operations are well screened from the surrounding area.

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