Kinegar Quarry
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RenewableUK, the UK's renewable energy trade association, provide a wealth of information about wind energy schemes in the UK, including lists of those that have been built and those that have gained planning consent.  To find out the number of operational wind turbines in the UK today visit the UK Wind Energy Database.

The Yes 2 Wind website has been developed by the World Wildlife Fund, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. This site offers information about wind energy and local wind energy proposals. It also debunks myths and answers frequently asked questions.

To support renewable energy and help fight climate change, you can join Action for Renewables, a campaign developed by RenewableUK.

"The RSPB views climate change as the most serious long-term threat to wildlife in the UK and globally and, therefore, we [RSPB] support the Government's target to source 15% of electricity from renewables by 2015."The available evidence suggests that appropriately positioned wind farms do not pose a significant hazard for birds.  Find out more about the RSPB's wind farm policy.

 Denmark was a pioneer in developing commercial wind farms in Europe. As such, the  Danish Wind Energy Association website is an excellent source of knowledge. The site covers the very basics of electricity generation from wind, as well as the technicalities of large-scale, commercial, grid-connected wind turbines.

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