Kinegar Quarry
Wind Energy Scheme

What's happening?

This page will keep you up to date with how things are changing and the latest plans. 

Activity Actual Date Expected Date Detail
Anemometry Mast Application Submitted 23rd March 2009 Milestone
Anemometry Mast Application Approved 6th May 2009 Milestone
Screening Response 14th May 2009 Milestone
Anemometry Mast Erected On-site 8th July 2009 Milestone
Scoping Response 14th July 2009 Milestone
Leaflet to nearby homes 1st September 2009 Community
Public consultation 8th September 2009 Community
Planning Application Submitted 12th March 2010 Milestone
Planning Application Refused 7th March 2011 Milestone
Planning Application Re-submission 20th February 2012 Milestone
Planning Application Refused 3rd October 2012 Milestone
Planning Appeal Submitted 27th December 2012 Milestone
£1.25 million local funding in the balance 12th February 2013 Community
Red House Wind Farm

Red House Wind Farm

Recycling aggregates at Glenfin quarry.

Recycling aggregates at Glenfin quarry.

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